The Cody McCormick Chronicles

by Ryan

A few weeks ago a commenter wondered if Andrew Peters’ tenure as a Buffalo Sabre was truly over. Yesterday the Sabres all but closed the book on that question, signing former Colorado Avalanche Cody McCormick to a one year contract.

Avalanche Red Wings Hockey has the contract at $550,000 this season, and it indeed is a two-way deal. However, this “gritty” role is something the Sabres are still searching for, so the general consensus is that Cody will spend some time with the big club.

Now what everyone is interested in, of course, is his fight card. has all the details, including just who he has fought over his career. Here’s McCormick fighting Ben Eager back in March.

Eh, the footwork needs work. Any thoughts on the move?


  1. I think everyone should quit pressuring Regier to Do Something, since clearly his heart’s not in it. Pitiful that most likely he’s only following orders. Backbone! He needs some backbone!

  2. DJ

    For the money I think it’s a decent move … not the blockbuster that fans were/are waiting for – but a decent move for what it is. He will provide some of the proverbial “grit” for sure, but in a conference with Orr, Godard, Brashear, BGL and a slew of other borderline legit heavyweights if the enforcer role falls to him I don’t like his chances. It certainly appears that Regier & Co are going to employ the ‘ol ‘toughness by comittee’ nonsense with Montador, Mair, Rivet, Gaustad, McCormick and possibly Kassien & Myers (I purposely omitted Pat “Turtle” Kaleta). I can’t stand that BS. Maybe I’m in the minority, but IMO a HW enforcer is a must. Now, that being said – Peters has faltered badly over the past two seasons – but he’s really the only option out there right now. Sign him at the minimum – please. Maybe this long period of unemployment is what he needs to kick him in the ass to get back to his form of a few seasons ago when he was arguably a top 5 NHL Heavyweight.

  3. Mike

    There is a football game in less than a week. It blows my mind.