Some Helpful Info

by Ryan

Sometimes when you wander around some image-sharing sites you find something really interesting or useful. While trying to come up with an icon for Rich’s fantasy football team, I came across this, which has absolutely nothing to do with Johnny Depp.:


Considering I will be spending the day wearing a Red Sox 59fifty, I thought it was fitting. The whole site has some pretty incredible graphics, including an MLB relocation map and a graph that charts the rise and fall of the 86′ Mets. I have a feeling I will use that graph when I talk about Jeff Pearlman’s The Bad Guys Won, which is yet another book I want to talk about someday soon.

In fact, there seems to be a whole lot to talk about these days, just not a whole lot of time to do it. Let’s change that, shall we?

One Comment

  1. As long as you’re not wearing a dolpin’s hat, I don’t care what kind of sticker you leave on it…..