So About Those Michael Vick Rumors

By Chris

Officially, the Buffalo Bills still have “no interest in adding Michael Vick to the roster at this time.”

We’ve been following the situation on Twitter all day. We’ve heard everything from Vick having a physical at Rochester General Hospital this morning to the whispers that he signed a two-year contract with Buffalo to a mysterious press conference that no one attended this afternoon (a press conference that was rescheduled at least twice). It’s been a crazy six-plus hours to say the least.

I’m glad the Bills have finally put out a statement to quell all of the ridiculous rumors that have been flying around. Then again the key statement could be “at this time” (as my eyes roll back into my head and wait for the next swarm of rumors to shoot out of a cannon).

Isn’t technology fun?

One Comment

  1. katie

    they’ve been saying this, i’ve been hearing these rumors for a few months now…. this is shit.