My Heart Skipped A Beat

By Chris

I saw this headline on and I literally jumped out of my chair at work.

Jauron on Twitter

Dick Jauron…on Twitter? Holy crap! Yes!

Is there any doubt that Jauron would have one of the blandest Twitter pages in the history of Twitterdom?

Maybe we’d actually get an explanation as to what the hell happened at the end of that Dallas game. Or the Cleveland game.

How much more fun would the Trent Edwards/J.P. Losman flip-flop campaign have been if we were able to follow Jauron’s mindset through Twitter. It would be like Buffalo’s version of “Being John Malkovich.”

The potential unintentional comedy of it all was astounding.

Then I clicked on the link.

And I felt like I do after most Bills games recently…let down.