I Agree With the World

by Ryan

Most of the time that ESPN polls the universe, the results are a bit mixed. For example:


It makes a lot of sense when you think about it. The “major” MLB teams are in the Northeast (Yankees, Red Sox, Mets) and Midwest (Chicago, St. Louis), while the rest of the world cares about football. Except Colorado and Minnesota, who are obviously entrenched in a Sophie’s Choice-level struggle for sports supremacy. Either way, the results are mixed.

I mention this because while I was debating my thoughts on the Red Sox moves yesterday, I went to ESPN.com and they had a poll up about the Martinez trade. Here are the results:


I have to admit I’m surprised. Even Ohio thinks the Red Sox made out with this deal, and Europe is clearly drinking the Theo Kool Aid. It’s not often you see a white-wash on the polls, but 2/3 really says it all.


One Comment

  1. Clearly Minnesotans are riveted by the AL Central race.