Football at One, Hockey at Seven

by Ryan

It seems that every year at about this time, this post gets written. It’s a strange sense of clockwork that is probably more emotional than physical, yet rings true nonetheless. We’ve officially reached that point in the summer where there’s simply no turning back: fall is right around the corner.

braininsideNow for the sports fan it means the same thing: football and hockey. As a sometimes-everything-mostly-hockey blog that’s very, very welcome news. I’m sure you’ve noticed the amount of content on the blog has seriously diminished over the summer months. It’s no secret that there’s much less going on in the sports world, but that our lives have sped up considerably over the last dozen or so months.

In fact, if there’s anything I’ve learned over this rainy summer it is that chaos takes up a lot of space. When things are out of place they lack a proper cohesion that makes, well, sense. That’s a pretty good definition of chaos, and in many ways I feel like that’s what I’ve dealt with this summer. Things out of place taking up far too much time, and in turn making the things I actually enjoy suffer.

Of course, one of those things has been posting here. Things have been less than smooth here since the Penguins lifted the Stanley Cup so long ago. However, there is good news on the horizon. As the seasons change and the Buffalo sports scene begins, order will come back to my life.

It may sound odd, but as a sports fan the rhythm of a season is a very important part of fandom. The routine involved with being a football or hockey fan gives that stretch of months an unmistakable pace. It’s a pace I still can’t achieve as a Red Sox fan so far away from ground zero, and one that takes years to cultivate.

cookiemonsterFor as much as we watch sports to be dazzled and entertained, I think part of the draw is the comfort in the routines our rooting interests create. Whether at home or at the stadium, on game days or off days, we have calibrated ourselves to function a certain way when there’s a game to be played. Left to our own devices, we read books and fall asleep in front of the computer wondering what the hell we’re going to write about.

If there’s anything I miss about the winter, it’s the schedule it keeps. Football at one, hockey at seven, baseball playoffs at eight. I in turn follow that schedule for most of my life, and that just makes sense to me. It might sound sad or desperate, but I need sports to create a structure for my life; a structure that suffers when there’s not much going on.

So as the days turn shorter and summer becomes fall, I look forward to getting back on track here. Once the football starts to count, reality seems to piece itself together for me.

Sad, maybe; but absolutely true.


  1. Ron Burgundy

    Excellent post and a point that I would say applies to me as well. Hockey games 3 times a week and a football game on Sunday. Wake up Monday and repeat.

  2. Mike

    For me, this is my favorite sports time of year, although I think it makes sense as a Buffalo fan. Neither of our teams are completely screwed yet. The season to come holds so much promise. There’s new signings to get excited about. The past season to analyze, the games that stick out in your mind. I’ll never forget seeing Jason Pominville score in OT at Washington to win the game and keep our hopes alive, and the hostile arena erupting in jubilant Sabres fans. To me, that in and of itself is reason enough for promise. The fact that the Sabres can beat a clear playoff team when the season is on the line.

  3. Mark B

    Fall is my favorite season and a obviously a big part of that is the Bills and Sabres starting up. I don’t follow baseball and can’t stand the summer heat, so I’m probably in the minority of people around here who doesn’t complain all that much when winter kicks in. I love the cooling of the air in the Fall, the change of leaves, really enjoy Halloween, and of course, the sports.

    I too don’t know what to do with myself in the summer sometimes, especially in the evenings when hockey should be on or even worthwhile TV shows. Although when there’s a nice breeze, there are summer days in Buffalo which are absolutely perfect and can’t be beat. But I still need my teams.