by Ryan

– Last year at the start of training camp I mentioned a photo that was the new background on my phone. It was a picture of a picture of Billy Shaw’s helmet, and it looked something like this. Well, this year I made things a bit more simple. Shaw’s helmet is in the Hall of Fame because of the AFL exhibit, so now my phone looks something like this:


I think the next logical step is to take a picture of me wearing it next year, or maybe just a shot of Shaw himself. Either way, upgrade.

– Brett Favre with the Vikings is probably the most outrageous moments in the young NFL season, but can anyone say they were honestly shocked? Favre’s word is worth less than a Peso in Vermont at this point, so who actually thought it was over simply because he said it was.

What has happened to Favre in the past four years is pretty incredible. At this point he’s almost beyond parody, and that’s a hard thing to achieve. I expect a lot of vitriol this season, even from casual fans.

– ESPN finally has a new ombudsman, and I wasn’t very impressed by his first offering. Tough spot to fill, so maybe I should wait a bit before I judge.

– Jack Cust clearly is not a fan of the Mitchell Report:

“With all the other stuff going on, with a lot of the guys coming out recently—big-name guys—to me it’s kind of funny they spent all that money on the Mitchell Report and a bunch of hearsay and the guy who made all the money off it happened to work for the Red Sox,” Cust told the AP.

“Were there any Red Sox on the report? To me, that’s kind of a joke. How does that happen? It’s coming out now with guys on that team. The guy worked for the Red Sox—they spent all kinds of millions of dollars—and then no one there had their name brought up,” he said.

No Red Sox on the list? Doesn’t he remember Eric Gagne? C’mon Jack, you’re better than that!

Patrick Kane Statement

– Official charges are expected to be filed against Pat Kane today. I really want to talk more about what happened last week, but I’m working on a bigger post to cover that later on. To tide you over, here’s a quote I liked:

Kane said he watched NFL quarterback Michael Vick being interviewed on TV and understood to an extent what he was dealing with. Vick has returned to play after serving time for his role in backing a dogfighting ring.

“It was actually fun for me to watch and see kind of how sorry he was, how happy he was to be back in the game of football,” Kane said. “There are going to be ups and downs in life and things like this are going to happen. But you never want it to happen again.”

I want to understand the correlation, but while Mike Vick was committing federal crimes Pat Kane was just being a shitty tipper. Kane’s actions, although much less severe, are much much stupider. Correlation denied.

– I think I may do a half-dozen mini posts as book reviews sometime this week. Is anyone for/against that idea? Maybe just one mega post involving some stuff not on the list?


  1. Jeff

    Fun Fact: Billy Shaw was my 9th Grade Earth Science teacher. Not sure if he’s still teaching…but the man has the demeanor of Mr. Rodgers, if you didn’t know who he was, you’d never guess. Although, my dad guessed and freaked out like a school girl on meet the teacher’s night.

  2. Jeff,

    So you’re saying there’s a chance, then? haha

    Seriously, that’s probably the best Fun Fact we’ve had come our way in the Roost. Great story.