Cat Soup

by Ryan

heinzIf you haven’t guessed by now, I’m on vacation at the moment. As we’ve established before, I pick great times to go on vacation. Two years ago it was a trip to Boston just a day after Briere and Drury bolted, and this year it’s the day after Pat Kane’s attack on the service industry in Buffalo. Strange days.

Thankfully, Chris has been doing some great work over the last few days. From the Kane story itself to posting solo for the last few days, he’s taken over as, well, me while I was without the series of tubes we all love so much. The good news is that I’m almost back home and have a lot to talk about. Consider this my Vacation Potpourri:

– I suppose I should tell you where I am: Loveland Ohio. Along the way we stopped at the Quaker Steak and Lube, the Football Hall of Fame, and Sonic. In that order.

Of course you football people want to hear about Canton. I’ve been to the HOF twice before, so I sort of knew what to expect on the third visit. Of course we were there to see Bruce, Ralph, Lofton, and Thurman, but I honestly was impressed by the Hall, even the third time around.

They’ve done a great job keeping things fresh, and not just in my ill-formed memory. Some of the exhibits have been redone, and a burst of technology has been added to the hall of busts that makes it easy for fans to not only find their players but learn a bit more about them as well. If you haven’t been to the HOF since Marv or Kelly got in, they’ve changed quite a bit.

Also a plus: they’ve incorporated some of the induction speeches themselves in the exhibits. You’ll hear Jim Kelly tell a story about his high school football coach in one part, and in a recreation of Jim Kelly’s locker you’ll hear Marv Levy talk about his favorite quarterback of all time, part of his fantastic induction speech back in 2001.

Best of all, the Hall has a special exhibit about the 50th anniversary of the AFL. This means there’s plenty of Bills history, and plenty of Bills memorabilia as well. Billy Shaw’s helmet, some programs, and plenty of historical documents and pictures of Ralph are there to take in, and it really makes for a good time to visit if you’re a Bills fan.

Also, why have I not seen this logo everywhere?


I would buy anything with that logo on it. Then again, I’m a sucker for retro.

– Was I the only one that missed this story? Perhaps the younger Jeanneret is hoping to lay a bit of groundwork for a successor?

– Yesterday we did some sightseeing and stopped by the Cinncinati Union Terminal just outside of the city. What a spectacular building that is. Here’s a little history on the place, and a picture that really doesn’t do it proper justice.


Best of all, the building is still in use today, both as a train station and and more. It holds museums, a movie theater, shops, restaurants, and even has a banquet hall. So what I’m saying is that they restored an old, out of use building, kept its charm, and are actually making practical use of it.

Hrm… this sounds familiar. Nah, it’ll never work.

– I know Mike Grier signing with the Sabres is old news by now, but I swear to God I had a “Come Back Mike Grier” post in draft for a good month now. Ask the others, it really was there. I held off posting it because it seemed too sarcastic and depressing to beg Grier for his services. Seems to me he ran out of options this time around the free agency pool.

Either way, expect 15 breakaways and zero breakaway goals from Mr. Stone Hands.

– I have been reading a lot during the trip. Not only did I finally finish Between the Lines, but I read all of Pearlman’s “The Bad Guys Won”. Heck, I even read the “Benjamin Button” short story and started another book. I’m on a roll, and you’ll have a “Between the Lines” review later today.


  1. Mike

    He won’t score many goals, but Grier will help in the character department, hopefully.

  2. I got my Sonic on the way back from Pittsburgh…Cherry Slush FTW!

    For the old logo: looks fine until you get to what appear to be combat boots…isn’t it a cowboy? Also, the shady character appears to be taking something…like the team to Toronto? I don’t trust ’em.

    And the Central Terminal…there has been talk (as happens a lot here in politics) of using it as a rail hub if Buffalo gets stimulus money for high speed rail. We’ll see, of course.

  3. MarkB

    Ryan, I was just commenting to Heather (actually whining) that I was expecting more commentary from you regarding Mike Grier. Glad to hear that you have an excuse!

    I hope he takes those stone hands and pounds a little sense into our young underachievers.

  4. I was in Loveland, OH on Saturday! ( I was in and around the Dayton area visiting friends last week)

    I went to the Football Hall of Fame many many years ago (we’re talking 15 or so) with my Grandmother who was visiting from Louisiana. I don’t really remember it, but i don’t care much about football so maybe that’s why.

    That logo is awesome. He does look sneaky though.