Baseball, Cards, and Life

by Ryan

– If there’s one book I really enjoyed reading last summer, it was Michael Lewis’ The Blind Side. Well, there’s a movie version coming out very soon, and here’s the trailer. I’m honestly not sure what to think, although I’m sure in some ways it will be horrible.

– Tonight Boston opens up a four-game series against the Yankees, and I can honestly say I’m very excited about it. Maybe it’s the doldrums of August getting to me, but it’s nice to finally have a series that really matters. The standings make it a big deal, and the probables don’t hurt, either. Okay, so maybe Smoltz hurts a little… whatever.

– Speaking of the Yankees, last night I was at Target and had a $7.50 copy of Slap Shot in hand. Somehow I left with $33 worth of baseball cards instead. Probably not worth it, especially since I somehow didn’t buy Slap Shot.

– I did manage to pick up The Bad Guys Won for about five bucks at Barnes and Noble. Turns out it’s the same price on Amazon, so I’d recommend that if you need a late summer read. My Sox allegiance might make this one difficult to read, but I feel it’s necessary.

– Speaking of painful seasons, if you haven’t seen how Jon Niese ended his 2009 Mets campaign, take a look. The only way this season could get any worse is if Omar Minaya got a contract extension…

– One of my favorite newspaper/bloggers is Joe Posnanski. A few days ago he announced that he will be taking a senior writer’s position at Sports Illustrated. This is great news for a fantastic writer, and it almost makes me want to subscribe to SI. Somehow I never have, but I’m excited for Joe as a writer and for SI as a publication.

Joe has a book out soon:

– I know the post count on the Roost has been low over the past few weeks, but the good news is I have a lot more free time coming on the horizon. I have to thank Chris for filling the holes this week, he’s done a good job preventing this place from becoming a ghost town. Expect a few more books read and a few more ideas translating into content very soon.

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  1. NoUseForANickname

    I too, just watched that trailer by happenstance…and think it’s going to be horribad.