By Chris

I caught a bit of WIVB’s “10 O’Clock News” last night where they featured a three-second update on what they’re still calling an “Erin Andrews-Buffalo Athletic Club connection.” They’ve phrased it a little differently on their Web site.

Turns out our trusted friend NinjaDude has new information, putting the location of the video somewhere near Dallas, Texas. A quick Google Maps search will tell you that’s still pretty close to Buffalo. Nearly 1,400 miles close.

So here are quotes from the update on NinjaDude’s site explaining himself (Again, I’m not going to link it. If you want to go there, you know how to find it):

…we have concluded the best possible link pointing to the originator or location of these uploads is somewhere near Dallas, TX–many more clips besides Erin’s actually did have a geo-tag attached, which we missed at first, but verified after sifting through cached pages.

…After contacting the CBS station WIVB in Buffalo about a possible link to their city in Erin’s case citing data from our original post on Saturday, they felt it was interesting and worthy enough for closer look. A couple days later, John Richart, a reporter at the station, contacted me to learn more about this claim linking Buffalo Athletic Center to one of the peeping tom clips, eventually deciding to compile a news story for the evening broadcast.

…the obvious geo-tag attached to one of Erin’s videos at this location on 69 Delaware Avenue makes for decent assumption. This B.A.C. located inside a building on the street was the nearest health facility…where else would you workout and maybe even, strip naked and shower in?

Since the B.A.C. firmly denies that they’re any way, shape, or form involved, stating Erin Andrews has never once been inside, and the locker rooms aren’t setup or at all similar to those visible scenes in Erin’s clips. Well, his word must be bond…my bad! Hey, the claim only stated 99% certainty, so this must be the 1% error–Buffalo Athletic Club probably wasn’t the spot Erin was filmed, but either way, the specific video tag sits right on 69 Buffalo Ave., so there is yet to be determined exactly why this could be. Any network in the area could potentially have been the IP-location depending who connected to what upon uploading this specific Andrews video (a six-second clip we have no clue, how or when it was created, since disappearing forever, it seems.)

It’ll be interesting to see if the Buffalo News even does a follow-up to their NinjaDude story.

And thats why you dont jump to conclusions.
"And that's why you don't jump to conclusions."


  1. Nice Arrested Development reference.

  2. J. Walter Weatherman

    …and that’s why you don’t let “ninjadude” be your source for salacious stories.