This Post Lacks a Tail

by Ryan

When ESPN fired up their brand new technology last night, hockey fans could only think of the past.

Big League Stew has a good recap of the novel experiment The Four Letter made us suffer through, which was met with lukewarm reviews. Of course, we all know the first incarnation of the glowing trail phenomenon.

I suppose the rationale is there, but it didn’t prove very fruitful if you ask me. One of the fun parts about the Derby is wondering if the ball is going to leave the park or not. Letting us know a few seconds before it does sort of takes that fun away, and you don’t want to make events involving Chris Berman less fun.

(Seriously, did they put Joe Buck, Joe Morgan, and Chris Berman at the same table last night? How did my television not self-destruct to preserve my sanity. Worst three-man panel ever? Yes, I think so.)

So the event itself might not have been the best of times, and the packaging on ESPN was rough; but it was better than no sports at all, right?

What’s that? That’s tomorrow? I hope they have the Derby on replay, then. Maybe the celebrity game? Heck, I’ll settle for an old Sox game, which is what I’ll probably end up watching anyway…