Playing Catch Up

by Ryan

It’s been a long weekend and a long time since I’ve posted anything legitimate here. For that I am very sorry, but let’s play catch up with some quick thoughts on the sporting world since we’ve last met.

– My sleep schedule is completely destroyed at the moment. When I usually post has been forced to change, and that’s why I’m never around these days. I’m in the process of fixing this, and a few days off will certainly help that…

– The MLB All Star Game means absolutely nothing, but I think it’s fantastic that Tim Wakefield made the team this year. Despite being, well… Tim Wakefield, he’s been great for the Sox so far. He went another 8 strong on Friday, and he’s been a certifiable innings eater all season. For some reason I’m strangely enamored with the knuckleball, and Wakefield has a lot to do with that. It will make the ASG worth watching.

– Yesterday it was announced that 20 players have opted for salary arbitration, including our own Clarke MacArthur. That seemed to be a logical move, and I don’t expect getting him under contract to be a huge step towards much of anything. MacArthur is probably the third most important RFA the team needs to sign, and I expect a contract that reflects that statement.

– The Roost has been barren when it comes to Bisons posts (that will end today), but Jon Niese was fantastic last night. He always seems to pitch better away from Coca Cola Field, but with the problems the Mets are having… everywhere, he’s bound to get another call sometime soon.

– Prospect camp starts today at Niagara University. I’ll have a post up about it shortly. I’m hoping to make it to camp today, and will be there at least a few times this week.


– The posts that I have done recently have been very picture-heavy. For the record, most of the trippy pictures I’ve had come from FFFFOUND!

– The news about Steve McNair is clearly not what you want to break on the 4th of July. I never really had an opinion on Air NcNair so I’m not going to was poetic. However, I do have a prepaid phone card with his name on it. So there’s that…

Back in a bit with some thoughts on Sabres Prospect Camp.

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  1. Mike

    Who has the most upside, potentially, in the future and who could we get the most from in a trade? Pominville, Stafford or MacArthur? I would not want to make that decision.