Part Two

by Ryan

I know we’re starting slow after an even slower weekend, but here’s that other poster I don’t have room for:


I don’t specifically remember seeing this, but it’s a thank you that Empire Sports put out after the Stanley Cup Finals in 1999. Not the best of memories, but it’s a cool timepiece and has a picture of every person on the team. Maybe someday I’ll have something else to put up instead of a memorial to close calls a decade old…

Sorry, too depressing?


  1. Scott

    That is actually from the regular season final home game. They used to have a “fan appreciation” event after the game, with each player giving away his jersey to a random seat in the arena. I have both that and the 1998-1999 version with such Sabre’s notables as Joe Juneau and Jean-Luc Grand-Pierre on it.

    • Ah that makes a lot more sense. I have a fan appreciation puck from 96 I believe. Good call, and thanks for the input.