Not So Fast

By Chris

It’s not quite like canceling Christmas, but thank goodness we didn’t plan a parade for Clarke MacArthur Arbitration Day. The Sabres have come to terms on a one-year contract with the left winger, meaning that both parties can skip the potentially messy process.

It also makes MacArthur very tradeable if he has a decent season.

The Sabres also signed fellow restricted free agent, defenseman Andrej Sekera, to a multi-year contract. WGR550 did some quick sleuthing and found this nifty little nugget of information:

A Slovak web site listed the deal as a $2 million deal. It’s unclear whether that’s a total figure, or a per-year number, but he made $659,000 last year. If that report is true, it’s a substantial raise in any event.

So if that’s true, it sounds like a two-year deal, worth $2 million in total. And that’s a great deal for a developing puck-moving defenseman. He’s still got room to grow and did fairly well in his first full season in the NHL. The signing’s also good news because it means no one has to worry about Sekera signing an offer sheet.

If things work out on the Sabres blueline and management is able to keep a core group of players together, Sekera, Chris Butler and Tyler Myers should be eating up tons of ice time in a few years. If any combination of Mike Weber, T.J. Brennan, Dennis Persson and Drew Schiestel also pan out, then Buffalo could be looking at a very solid homegrown defensive corps.

Again, it’s a few years down the road, but something to look forward to. These aren’t the types of moves that win a championship next season but help lay the foundation for future success.

If GMDR comments on these signings, I hope someone asks about the progress they’re making on the Drew Stafford front. What they do with Stafford could be the most pivotal moment of Darcy’s summer. Well, besides choosing the BombPop over the Creamsicle, of course.