Links and Logic

by Ryan

– This is a pretty upsetting story if you’re a college hockey fan. Or if you like decent writing. What’s more absurd: Canisius and Niagara not playing eachother or this excuse for it:

“We were short on home games this year and didn’t want to put another road game on the schedule for us in terms of our student-athletes and travel,” Niagara Athletic Director Ed McLaughlin said. “We don’t want to put kids on the road so much they don’t have time to be college students. We didn’t want to say that the game has to be at our place. You don’t want to put an ultimatum on people. That’s not how you do business.”

I mean let’s not kid ourselves, the schools are less than a half hour apart. I really doubt Niagara would be tossing the kids in the Adam’s Mark for the evening if they had a road game at Buffalo State. Come on now.

– I haven’t been to prospect camp since Tuesday and I won’t be making the trip today. However Kris Baker has an excellent roundup of thoughts on his sessions at rookie camp. It’s a great place to go if you want to compare notes or learn a bit more if you didn’t get a chance to make the trip to Dwyer this week.

– I finished reading Pygmy about a week ago and I’m still waiting for Rich to finish it so we can post about it properly. Weird book, but worth the read. I started “Between the Lines” and should have that done shortly. I’m hoping to get on a roll with these books once my schedule clears a bit. For the sake of the Roost, let’s all hope for that…

– The box score simply does not do justice to just how fantastic Tim Lincecum was last night. He took a no-hitter into the 7th inning before falling apart following a Tony Gwynn Jr. single. I haven’t been watching much of the NL this year aside from a Dodger game here and there, but I’m officially watching the Giants play every five days.

– Tyler Myers loves the Italian BMT. I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

– Watching Lincecum pitch last night took away some of the sting of the Red Sox loss. Also, I really, really like Daniel Bard. He’s like Papelbon Insurance, just in case Jonathan decides to go crazy and kill a yak or something…

– Sometime yesterday I was under the impression that Ales Kotalik signed with the Rangers for three years at $1 million per. I thought, all things considered, that wasn’t a bad deal. That is no longer the case. Perhaps there are suitors out there for Hecht after all…

– I am saddened to report that the prospects I found on Facebook have not accepted our frienship, thus ending our Facebooking the Draft Class series. Kids these days are clearly getting smarter.


  1. Amy

    I find it incredibly ridiculous that Canisius isn’t budging on the fact that they want the game played at their home arena. It really is a situation of “I’m taking my puck and going home.” The way both schools push this rivalry in other sports make it extremely noticeable that this rivalry won’t be extended to hockey.

  2. Can Myers eat enough BMTs to gain the requisite weight, though?

  3. The thing with Niagara is that they are moving into Atlantic Hockey in a year or two which is Canisius’ conference.

    If anything you would assume that Niagara would want to play more Atlantic Hockey teams. The only one I see on their schedule is RIT.

    Also if they wanted less travel costs, some double headers against Robert Mosses would work out better than so many home and away dates against them…