If There Were Real News To Dissect, I Would

by Ryan

Today the SabresDotCom Twitter announced that an “all new” Sabres.com had been launched. As of 3PM today that Tweet still exists, so I’m going to assume it’s not a colossal screw up in the making and they are indeed telling the truth. Sure enough, here it is:


Now I know what you’re thinking: “Hey, that looks a lot like NHL.com.” Well you’re right, it looks exactly like NHL.com because the template is almost identical. Not a whole lot to get excited about here, but since there is absolutely nothing else to talk about when it comes to this franchise, let’s discuss some things via bullet point:

  • There is very little evidence of the slug logo. The stylized slug is practically watermarked behind the old school crest at the top right, and that’s the only evidence it even exists as far as the main site is concerned. There are some slugs in the ads and features, but that’s it. I think it’s pretty clear that this is a calculated move. The slug really might be going the way of the dinosaur here, perhaps sooner rather than later.
  • The swords are a nice touch, but the photoshopping is just awful. The crest on the right side is crooked, and even if the swords were real the logo would be upside down when used in combat. I’m pretty sure the blacksmith that made those for the crown would find himself in the dungeons after that one.
  • As far as content is concerned, the site is exactly the same. Sabres.com was never really known for it’s groundbreaking entertainment value, which is the point of websites, right? I mean, no one comes here because we use pretty shades of blue, you come here to read. The same goes for all websites. In a way that’s what is most disappointing about the “new” site. It’s the same crap packaged in an even more routine format. No offense to the intern writing the “Lindy Ruff’s First Hockey Stick” story, but tossing a can of paint on a turd doesn’t transform it into a beautiful butterfly. All you get is a wet turd.
  • Perhaps the Sabres “new” site can be used as a metaphor for the offseason as a whole. Thus far the “changes” in the roster have been cosmetic at best (losing Peters, Spacek, Numminen), while (Steve Montador aside) the additions have been the return of players we already had (MacArthur, Sekera, Kaleta). Sabres.com is a similar situation. The changes have been cosmetic, but the content is exactly the same. Something makes me think the results will be the same as well.


  1. Mike

    I was reading about the offseason today and there are still a lot of players out there looking for homes, and not many places, including the Sabres, that can afford them. Hypothetically, and I know this is incredibly painful, but this could be quite a long offseason. I think Darcy might be gambling that he can wait it out, unload some salary and maybe acquire one of the FAs that’s left, or else trade for some younger value. I also don’t think this will work at all.

  2. Amy

    Are we sure that Peters is officially gone? I mean, we’re not going to wake up three weeks from now to find out that Peters has been signed for league minimum and a bag of kibble for his puppy?

  3. I can’t imagine he proved he was even worth league minimum last season, but you are right in that he isn’t officially gone. I suppose he could come back, but… no thank you.

    It is entirely possible, but… {shudder}

  4. Mike

    The thing is I’m not sure how many of the big free agents within reason would have helped us. I’m not convinced someone like Gionta would have been the right answer (although Cammalleri might have) but if either of them had been signed, people would have been predicting Stanley Cup right now. That’s the way it goes.
    There has to be someone out there worth trading for that would come here that would help this team. I just don’t know who. Any ideas?
    Oh, and I wonder if Wayne Primeau will get booed like Briere does when he plays for the Leafs. I somehow doubt it, but I hope so. I blame him for never doing anything, ever when he played for us.