Happy Clarke MacArthur Arbitration Day!

by Ryan

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Today arbitration season begins, and Clarke MacArthur is leading things off. Wait, that’s not exciting at all. Despite 31 points and a pretty solid 13:50 average Time on Ice, nothing about Clarke’s game has ever blown me away.

MacArthur is coming off his rookie deal, and so it’s understandable that he elects for arbitration after his first full NHL season. However, I’m not sure what Darcy is going for with his handling of MacArthur. Again, we’ve talked about this sort of thing before, and so I won’t speculate.

However, I wouldn’t be completely crushed if MacArthur is playing for another team in the fall. If 17 goals translates into something over $2 million, it’s happy trails for the winger. Sekera and Stafford have to be higher priorities, and the budget simply can’t take a high price for #41.

But arbitration talk is boring, so here are some links to tide you over:

– Guess what epic college basketball game got it’s own website?

– I still can’t decide if I’m mad or happy I couldn’t leave the country this weekend. I would have loved to see Lester vs. Halladay, even though the Jays won thanks to a complete game from Doc. Who knows how many starts are left in his career as a Jay…

– Note to self: If you see a gondola in motion, don’t hang on.

– Is anyone else getting excited about Bills training camp? Here’s the official camp roster if you’re into that sort of thing.

– The Bisons split their first series since the All Star Break. They will be on the road for the next week, but look for a post about the rainy season later today.

– Ever wonder what I look like? Well, you can see what I looked like four years ago when you read my work at wnymedia.net! Hopefully I can give them a more recent photo soon. One that also doesn’t make me look like a serial killer would be nice as well…