Criticizing the media critic

By Jon

Memo to Buffalo News TV and radio critic Alan Pergament: Get off your high horse, please and thanks.

From his weekly “On the Air” column

It was shocking to see Channel 4 do a story Tuesday that speculated that the naked video of ESPN’s Erin Andrews shot through a peephole and put on the Internet may have been shot at a Buffalo health club. The report— which was based on an unconfirmed story on a gossip Web site that Channel 4 on Friday said changed the location to Dallas—illustrates that these days just about anything that hits the Web eventually makes it to the mainstream media even if it is to discount it. I suspect the report may have unnecessarily frightened some females who work out at the club.

I have no idea if there is any Buffalo connection. Spokesmen for the Bills, Sabres and the University at Buffalo said Andrews wasn’t here last year to report on their teams.

Now, I realize his column is supposed to deal with broadcast media, but implying that Channel 4 was the only WNY media outlet to cover a ridiculous claim from a third-rate Web site is blatantly deceiving and irresponsible.

I’m all for the harsh demonishment of Channel 4’s decision to run a story, but if you’re going to point the finger, you have to at least make mention of the fact that your platform reported the same exact thing, regardless of whether it’s “on the air” or not.

While we’re on the topic of completely baseless speculation, I have to wonder if the reason why TBN didn’t assign a byline to its Andrews/NinjaDude story is because the author didn’t want the story attached to his name. Seems to make sense to me — write it up.

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  1. Pergament just needs to stay the heck out of sports. Stick to Jon and Kate Plus 8 updates, buddy.