Camp Thoughts

by Ryan

I won’t be making it to camp today, but here are a few thoughts on yesterday’s prospect camp. I promise they will be brief and somewhat coherent.

– They didn’t scrimmage yesterday, so individual player evaluations were a bit tough to do based on just drills. I didn’t even bother to look at goaltenders becuase you really can’t learn much from the drills that were being run. However I can confirm that J.P. Lamoureau and Jhonas Enroth are short, while the other two goaltenders are indeed taller than 5’10”.

– The “NHL Five” looked superior to the prospects, which is exactly how it should be. Even in simple skating drills guys like Gerbe and Kennedy simply looked more prepared, which is probably because they’ve been to this camp before. Still, Gerbe always looked dangerous in the 1 on 1 drills, while Weber and Myers held their own against the opposition.

– One thing I noticed about Myers is how he uses his body so well. He has incredible reach due to his height, but he always seems very careful not to overextend himself or get out of position by reaching with his stick. His hands are very deliberate and he never seems off balance, which is a great compliment for someone so large. Overall there was a lot to like with Myers.

– I couldn’t decide if Brady Irwin is simply “big” or “raw”, and there is a big difference between the two. Irwin is an invitee from Vermont, and he is downright huge. His drills need work but he wasn’t a terrible skater. Anyone with that size as a forward has potential, but I really want to know what other people thought of him. If you go the rest of the week, watch for Irwin and tell me what you think.

– For the record, I also liked Southorn, DeSousa, and Gogulla.

– I really want to make it back for a day that the team scrimmages, but I’m curious to hear what your thoughts on rookie camp are as well. Chris and Jon might also make the trip sometime this week, so they will have some things to talk about if they get to Dwyer as well.

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  1. I might hit it tomorrow (my son wants to go) but we’ll see.