Afinogenov Read You Now

by Ryan

Sabres Capitals Hockey

From the article entitled: Afinogenov: like the Stanley Cup. And at the Olympics

Yes, I am well prepared and was in good shape, but has no such relationship with the leadership team, with the [principal] coach [Lindy Raffo] (Afinogenov did not call for an interview on his behalf – the coach and trainer) in the first place, that I have had absolutely no playing time. And because of that I got injured again. That is how it sat, sat on the bench have all the cold, then I am fired, I was not ready, and traumatized. Again polsezona I spent on the restoration. It is a shame.

That has to be the most wondrous nonsensical quote since Rickey Henderson retired. Obviously the translation is a bit off, but word on the street is that this guy might have someone on the trail of a real translation. Either way, you have to check out the Google Translator version of that article. I wouldn’t take anything in it quite so serious just yet, but it’s good for a laugh.

One Comment

  1. That quote has been haunting me! I realize that “traumatized” in this garbled translation could been almost anything, including a simple reference to an injury, but….POOR MAX! He sat, shivering and alone all year on the bench. Cold and traumatized!