A Trophy

by Ryan

I’m working on something bigger for tomorrow, but here’s Darcy Regier on signing free agents:

“I recognize some teams have signed a lot of players, but quite honestly, Regier said, it means they’ve lost a lot of players.”

Your roster is your roster so if you’re signing a lot, then that means you’ve lost a lot in the last year. The question then becomes does it mean that they’re any better or does it mean they might be worse.”

“It just means that they’ve signed a lot of players and I don’t get caught up in the perception that you sign a lot (of free agents), you’re going to be better,” Regier said.

That being said, here’s our major free agent signing fighting Luke Schenn. I wouldn’t mind seeing that a few times this year, as long as Luke doesn’t keep his visor on for every fight.

One Comment

  1. Steve

    Sometimes when you come in 10th place 2 years in a row, you wouldn’t mind losing a few players..