A Few Things

by Ryan

It’s looking like a rainout is in the works tonight, so here are a few links and thoughts to pass some time while I work on last night’s story. I’m still… translating…

– Howard Bryant had a nice piece on Billy Beane a few days ago. We’re big fans of Moneyball here in the Roost, and if you haven’t read Lewis’ story you should check it out for sure. We would have done a “Reading with the Roost” on it, but there are plenty of reviews floating out there to even bother.

– Given the way the Sox have played the past few weeks, it’s never too late to buy World Series memoribillia from 2004. Here are two DVDs I picked up last week for seven bucks.


– Speaking of the Red Sox, last night’s loss was pretty brutal. Despite watching the entire game and being very frustrated by the result, there was something about my mood after the game that surprised me. The ability to watch every Red Sox game this year is a new experience, but I was surprisingly okay with the meltdown.

I think it had less to do with the result and more with the fact that I understood what happened. Because I’ve watched day in and day out I understand what has happened to the team so much more than I would. I wasn’t satisfied with the loss, but rather with the fact that it made sense.

It’s no consolation to a crushing, brutal loss; but it’s fun to really get to know your baseball team.

– For those of you keeping track, Toni Lydman made it on the Sabres’ mini pack forms, so he probably won’t get traded.

– Here’s a great take on the Cliff Lee trade.

– Tonight’s Bisons game looks like it will be rained out, but I’ll be at the other two for sure, so look for some fun stories from the ballpark. I feel bad for not talking to Nelson Figueroa after another great start, but the circus over at at the PawSox locker room couldn’t be missed.

– In a related story, the weather this summer has been awful.


  1. NoUseForANickname

    Dear GooseRoost:

    Where are we at with reading with the Roost? I’m going to the library tonight and picking up Searching for Bobby Orr unless someone gives me a better recommendation.

    (I enjoyed Blind Side and Downtown Owl)

    • Get “Searching for Bobby Orr.” Right now I’ve read Pygmy and we’re getting some things together for it. I’m also in the process of reading “Between the Lines”, which is very interesting.