1. Keller

    No need to vomit…just learn from the situation. Buffalo is a long, long way from Detroit and Pittsburgh. My hunch is the emo pussies and midgets filling out the key positions will not get this team to the playoffs…

  2. He played well in the playoffs.

  3. As my hubby said so wonderfully this morning… I wonder how many Sabres threw stuff at their TV’s last night when they saw him lift the cup.

    We had to change the channel or hubby would have thrown something at the TV. I like my TV and I would like to keep it.

  4. I hope you can live with yourself.

    Yes. Yes I can.

  5. Mike

    Can I be the one who gets to punch you in the face? Because that’s the only thing that picture makes me feel like doing. *remembers Miro’s cell phone post game celebration*
    Also, yet another Staal has a Stanley Cup.
    Also, this is going to prolong the careers of washed up has beens like Hal Gill and Bill Guerin. BILL FUCKING GUERIN for gods sake. Now, whenever there is a trade deadline, your blog is going to be filled with idiots who think that the only way that the Sabres can win a Stanley Cup is to trade for some overrated retread who won’t help us anyway just because Pittsburgh did it. The only good thing is that at least this was post-Gary Roberts.
    I’m just a little bitter.

  6. I, for one, will not be clamoring for the “washed up retread” part of the Penguins recipe for success- I’m FAR more interested in the “new, untested AHL coach finds instant success because the players are willing to listen to him” aspect.

  7. I’ll give ol’ Miro a hearty “Whatever.” I don’t have the energy to get upset about every former Sabre I disliked. I have to reserve that for a very, very special one or two.

    I’d agree that the Bill Guerin aspect is much more disturbing. I’m really bummed that that actually worked.

  8. spavery

    Something is definitely wrong with that picture. Satan will never be a champion in my book.

  9. NoUseForANickname

    I hope everyone is bracing themselves for next year when Chicago wins and that other overpriced ex sabre doing a lap.