Two Decades of Dome

by Ryan


It certainly took me by surprise, but last night the Blue Jays celebrated the twentieth anniversary of Skydome’s opening. TSN had a list of the 20 best moments in the stadium’s history.

Now I can’t say I was there for any of those moments, but it got me thinking about my visits to the venue that used to be Skydome. For a baseball fan in Buffalo, a trip to SkyDome is still the closest option when it comes to live Major League Baseball.

I think my favorite moment at SkyDome came back in 2004. I had been to the park a few times before that, but that year I saw my first live Red Sox game. You heard it here first: I propelled the Sox to their first World Series victory in 86 years. You’re welcome.

We had really nice seats down the first base line, and we also got lucky: Roy Halladay vs. Pedro Martinez. It also happened to be Roy Halladay Cy Young bobblehead day, which means I have a bearded bobblehead next to my random assortment of Jim Kellys on the shelf.

The game was a pitchers duel through and through, and the Jays would eventually come out on top. Still, it was a pretty exciting day for my baseball fandom, and I’ll always appreciate the fact that I can say I saw Pedro pitch in a Red Sox uniform.

With that trip down memory lane, I wonder what your memories of Skydome are. I know quite a few of you out there have taken in some games there, so give us your best (or worst) memories of that big concrete monster.

Speaking of stadium giveaways, Sunday is Stadium Replica Day!

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  1. Peter Farrell

    I was there in September of 2003 when Carlos Delgado hit four home runs in a single game. Greatest performance by an individual in a single game that I ever saw.