Tiebreaker, Part Two

by Ryan

The emails have been received, and now it;s time to see who wins this overextended, slightly meaningful competition. Despite the absurdity and self-indulgent nature of this, I was happy to see what they both came up with. Here are the answers, and what Heather B. and Kate guessed.

1) Other than Paul Gaustad, what is the site named after?
A: The Goose’s Roost resturant in Niagara Falls, and of course the sign are both acceptable answers here.

Heather B.: Restaurant in Niagara Falls (+1)
Kate: You were actually raised by geese, so, the name of the site pays homage to your parents. And I think you guys had something to do with the sign at the arena. (+1, but only because she may have referenced a Father’s Day post from two years ago…)

2) Before Paul Gaustad, who was my favorite player?
A: Miroslav Satan is the answer, although I will accept Chris Drury as well.

Heather B.: Tim Connolly (+0)
Kate: Um…Rob Ray? (+0)

3) What is my favorite baseball team?
A: The Red Sox, of course.

Heather B.: Boston Red Sox (+1)
Kate: Yankees OF COURSE. Just kidding….Boston Red Sox (+1)

4) Who wrote the first post on the Roost?
A: Jon, Chris, and I co-wrote the first post.

Heather B.: Chris, Jon, and Ryan (or so it says) (+1)
Kate: Paul Gaustad! Or maybe…Chris…or one of those other guys who supposedly write for the Goose’s Roost. I assume this is a trick question. Can I change my answer to “Ryan”? (+0, although I appreciate the effort put into making fun of Chris and Jon…)

5) Lindy Ruff is _____.
A: Actually, this one was pretty open ended.

Heather B.: Lindy Ruff is: hilarious. (Extremely underrated qualification for a head coach. If and when the Sabres ever get around to replacing him, that should be at the top of their list, I think.) (Begrudging +1)
Kate: A menace. Possibly a jewel thief. Definitely a scoundrel. (Playing to my emotions, but +1)

6) I have met Dominik Hasek.
A: True, I met him at the airport once.

Heather B.: False (I know you saw him up close at the NHL Awards – I just re-read that post! – but I don’t think that counts.) (+0)
Kate: T (+1)

7) I saw the Ottawa Brawl Game live.
A: True

Heather B.: True (+1)
Kate: T (+1)

8 ) I’ve never been to Yankee Stadium.
A: True, and I think I’m the only one out of the four, too.

Heather B.: True (+1)
Kate: T (+1)

9 ) I never sleep.
A: Too easy. True.

Heather B.: True (+1)
Kate: T (+1)

10) I hate bears.
A: Are you kidding? I love bears.

Heather B.: True (And I agree. Something veeeeery off about those koalas.)(+0)
Kate: T (+0)

That leaves our final score 7-7, which means a tiebreaker was indeed necessary. Of course, they both got it right, but only because Heather B. found me on Facebook. This may be considered cheating, but I appreciate her competitive spirit.

So, we’re tied again. I personally think we are cursed when it comes to this thing, so Kate and Heather B. are free to each write a guest post, or tag team it if they so choose. They can write whatever they want, no editing, no refusals*. I’m sure they know how to get a hold of me about this, so just let me know what you guys want to do…

*Within reason. I’m not posting Kazuhito Tadano videos or anything…


  1. For the record, I guessed your age using context clues that Kate had provided in previous conversations. I did use Facebook to verify my guess but it was after submitting my answers. Honestly, can’t a girl just wanna be a guy’s Facebook friend? 😛

    You did promise Peter a real-life shootout if we tied again, you know.

  2. Lisa

    ok..so I give up…did I miss it..where is your age???

  3. This is REDONK.

    I’m not sure how I would do in a shootout….I say we have a viola-off.

  4. NoUseForANickname

    Miro Satan???

    Is that a troll?

  5. Peter Farrell

    that’s ok. do whatever you please, I just thought that my idea would be a heckuva lot more interesting than a guest post or something like that.

    Heck, record it, put it up on youtube….take bets on the winner….make it an event. Why not?:)