by Ryan

As you might be aware, we still haven’t picked a winner for our Playoff Pool. There were a few good suggestions in the comments, but I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands and make up my own tiebreaker.

A quiz. About… me.

Now this seems pretty self-serving, and for that I apologize. But, I mean, I’ve written almost 1500 posts on this site. If there’s anything Heather B. and Kate have a relatively even chance at, it’s random knowledge of the site and yours truly. So let’s try 10 questions and include a tiebreaker this time, just in case.

Let’s have both email me their answers to prevent tampering, and the rest of you can play along in the comments if you’d like. Let’s see how this goes:

1 ) Other than Paul Gaustad, what is the site named after?
2 ) Before Paul Gaustad, who was my favorite player?
3 ) What is my favorite baseball team?
4 ) Who wrote the first post on the Roost?
5 ) Lindy Ruff is _____.

True of False:

6 ) I have met Dominik Hasek.
7 ) I saw the Ottawa Brawl Game live.
8 ) I’ve never been to Yankee Stadium
9 ) I never sleep.
10 ) I hate bears.

Tiebreaker: How old am I?

When both have their answers in, I’ll post the results and we will have a winner.


  1. Jon

    Holy conceited, Batman!

  2. Oh, I’ve got this in the bag.

  3. 1) Wait, what’s a Gaustad?
    2) Nathan Horton
    3) Orix BlueWave
    4) Buzz Bissinger
    5) Surprisingly flammable

  4. Peter Farrell

    And if it’s still tied, THEN they do a real life shootout, right?:)

  5. Lisa

    I vote for favorite baseball team…Indianapolis Indians..oh wait…it has to be your fave team….oops…..and, I do not think you ever sleep….