Thursday Links and Thoughts

by Ryan

– There still hasn’t been anything official, but yesterday ESPN “broke” the news that the Winter Classic will in fact be played at Fenway Park this winter, with the Philadelphia Flyers taking on the Bruins. Pretty solid choice if you ask me. However, I’m not as big a fan of the last part of that story:

Also, a plan for a New Year’s Day 2010 Winter Classic doubleheader (Flyers versus Bruins at Fenway; Leafs versus Flames at McMahon Stadium in Calgary) continues to move forward. The first game is set. The second half of the twin bill should get the approval of the league’s competition committee, which will meet tomorrow morning in Montreal.

Ugh. Somehow I’m picturing Gary Bettman as Neville Chamberlain here…

– One of the more amazing things I’ve seen in print this summer is Mike Harrington’s column about Twitter. If TBN realized it was just a clever way for him to get more followers on Twitter, it probably wouldn’t have slid past the gatekeepers. Either way, if you’re not following Mike on Twitter already, you should do so.

– The Devils are in need of a coach, and rumor has it that Kevin Dineen is in the running for the job. That’s very… interesting, isn’t it?

– Speaking of head coaches, Lindy Ruff will be part of the Team Canada staff in Vancouver. That might be the only team he’s a part of by then, mind you. I uh… here’s a giant photo of Lindy to offset that comment:


– Sometime before the draft we’ll have a post up on Ruff and Darcy. It’ll be good and something different, I promise.

– Kris Baker from Sabres Prospects will be having a liveblog running throughout the NHL Draft, which I plan on stopping by for at least a few times this weekend. I would encourage you to do the same. Bakes is probably the most prepared for this draft out of any Sabres blogger, and I’ll be checking his site all weekend for info on who the Sabres pick.

– James Mirtle just had a great link on Twitter that I’m going to need to digest. Expect a post on that and the draft within the next few hours. I’m trying to get back on a good schedule here, and having things to talk about will certainly help that.