The Most Insignificant Mascot in Buffalo History: Victoria S. Bull

The Goose’s Roost is on a quest to find The Most Insignificant Mascot in Buffalo History and we need your help. Each day, we’ll take a look at a particularly insignificant candidate and put it up for a vote on Monday Tuesday.

Today’s candidate was suggested by Chris and Dave.

Name: Victoria S. Bull, the kid sister of UB’s Victor E. Bull

Species: Whore Bull

Years in existence: Early-to-mid-2000s to 2008 (RIP)

What this mascot brought to Buffalo: Much like Loud Mouth, Vicki significantly increased Buffalo’s “atrocious pun” profile. Chris pointed out to me the other day that Victoria S. Bull is supposed to sound like “victorious bull,” and I’ll be honest, it blew my mind. I had seen this broad at dozens of UB games and never quite caught on, so either I’m an idiot (entirely possible and probable) or that is a terrible attempt at being clever.

Legacy: Sadly, UB went Old Yeller on Vicki’s ass, sending her to that big cow pasture in the sky in 2008 (2009?). The UB Athletics Web site still has her bio, which serves as a chilling reminder of all that she gave us…

His kid sister Victoria S. Bull has always idolized Victor and was a constant tag along to do everything he did. Vicki decided she wanted to be just like her older brother and one day stomped into UB’s Athletic Director, Bob Arkeilpane’s office, slammed her hoof on the table, and demanded the chance to represent UB at sporting events with her brother. Vicki passed the rigorous training and was recently hired to become UB’s first female mascot.

And just for a final talking point: bulls are male, no? Victoria S. Bull — cross dresser? Discuss.

Is Victoria S. Bull the most insignificant? State your case in the comments.

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  1. lol my brother-in-law has a “Victoria S Bull” bobblehead at his office. Don’t know when it appeared or why he has it (he has had season tickets to the UB Bulls games before so it was probably that) but it’s there. I was just looking at her yesterday in bewilderment at exactly why she existed…