The Most Insignificant Mascot in Buffalo History: Spyke

by Jon

The Goose’s Roost is on a quest to find The Most Insignificant Mascot in Buffalo History and we need your help. Each day, we’ll take a look at a particularly insignificant candidate and put it up for a vote on Monday Tuesday Wednesday.

Sorry for the delay, but the server issues we’ve been experiencing the last couple of days really killed things around here. We’ll have our final candidate tomorrow and put it up for a vote.

Today’s candidate was suggested by Zach.

spykeNow, I know what you’re thinking, and I agree: That is the most realistic, lifelike depiction of anything ever created with MS Paint. When we opened up the nominations, I assured Zach that I had a picture of  everyone’s favorite indoor soccer hound — and I do — but it’s sitting at home in my basement while I am 450 miles away. So this was the next best thing, and it’s exactly what he looked like anyway.

Without further ado…

Name: Spyke, the official mascot of the Buffalo Blizzard, an indoor soccer team that was a finalist for The Most Insignificant Franchise in Buffalo History.

Species: I think the picture says it all.

He’s a dog.

Years in existence: 1992-2001, when the Blizzard went kaput. But really, he lives on in our hearts.

What this mascot brought to Buffalo: Two things. 1)Great hair. For whatever reason, I didn’t put this in my masterpiece of a picture, but I remember Spyke had a freakin’ sweet mohawk-like hairdo adorning his oversized,multi-colored head.

2) Four-wheelability. Half the fun of Blizzard games was watching Spyke cruise around the field on an ATV with 97 Rock’s old alligator mascot (Hey, maybe he should be a nominee!) before the games.

Legacy: Spyke died as the Blizzard blew out of town when the NPSL went belly-up in 2001. Little known fact: The guy behind the suit for many years is still a Lockport resident, which automatically means he’s a good dude.

Also, Chris is The Roost’s resident pollock, so of course he’s related to the Pikuzinski brothers. Just throwin’ that one out there.

Is Spyke the most insignificant? State your case in the comments.


  1. I think the fact that it is impossible to find a picture of this mascot you claim exists makes him the most insignificant by default.

    Although, if the Blizzard had known of your impeccable MS Paint skills back in 1992, they would’ve just printed this masterpiece on t-shirts. Hahaha, well done.

  2. Jon

    Thank you, thank you. Would you believe my major is graphic design?

    Good, because it’s not.

  3. Anonymous Jack

    There was more than 1 person who wore that suit. I knew the one guy who did it and he lives in Tonawanda actually. But I miss the NPSL for sure. That was my dream job when I was like 10