The Most Insignificant Mascot in Buffalo History: MicroChip

The Goose’s Roost is on a quest to find The Most Insignificant Mascot in Buffalo History and we need your help. Each day, we’ll take a look at a particularly insignificant candidate and put it up for a vote on Monday Tuesday Wednesday today! (Don’t believe anything I say ever. Ryan learned this a long time ago, and he’s better off for it.)


Once again, I couldn’t find a picture of today’s candidate, but I did the best I could. Pictured above is Chip, the current Bisons mascot who is (was) the older brother of MicroChip. Plus, it gives you yet another excuse to revel in my amazing MS Paint skills.

Name: MicroChip

Species: Buffalo (or Bison, whichever you may prefer)

Years in existence: Late 90’s, early 2000’s-ish, if memory serves me right.

What this mascot brought to Buffalo: Like his silent counterpart, MicroChip’s name was yet another illustrious pun from the Bisons marketing department.

Let’s break it down: Micro= small. Chip = older, bigger mascot brother. Therefore, MicroChip is smaller than Chip! Whoa! Not to mention a microchip is a device found in technological stuff.

But I think they really outdid themselves on this one. I mean, everyone knows what a buffalo chip is, right? Why on earth did they ever think it was a good idea to name their kid-friendly mascots after a pile of cow shit?

Legacy: Unfortunately, the Bisons disappointed dozens when they did away with MicroChip, but at least they brought in some eye candy. Ooh la la…

Is MicroChip the most insignificant? State your case in the comments.