The Most Insignificant Mascot in Buffalo History: Loud Mouth

The Goose’s Roost is on a quest to find The Most Insignificant Mascot in Buffalo History and we need your help. Each day, we’ll take a look at a particularly insignificant candidate and put it up for a vote on Monday.

Today’s candidate was suggested by the master of Buffalo sports history and road trip aficionado Peter Farrell from USRT. Sorry, but I don’t think “the ballpark slut” is going to make the cut.

Meet Loud Mouth, because every ballpark needs a resident mime.

Loud Mouth

Species: Human/Mime (Are mimes a species of their own? Discuss.)

Years in existence: As far as I can tell, from the mid-1990s to early-2000s.

What this mascot brought to Buffalo: Cleverness. A mime named Loud Mouth? What a pun!

Also, in my humble opinion, Loud Mouth added a certain level of overall creepiness that is lacking at the ballpark. Mimes are scary; this is a fact. I think that regular ol’ human mascots are exponentially creepier than those in a big goofy costume, and Loud Mouth is no exception. Take this little girl, for example…

Laughing hysterically or crying for help? The world may never know.

Laughing hysterically or a desperate plea for help? I’m going with the latter.

Legacy: To my surprise, Loud Mouth lives on. From, the official site of the actress/comidienne that brought the mime to life…

With the character officially trademarked to Tracey, Loud Mouth can now be seen entertaining at major corporate events and parties all over.

Where do I sign up?

Is Loud Mouth the most insignificant? State your case in the comments.


  1. Did we not hyperlink for fear of mime retribution? Will we get the silent treatment?

  2. “Is Loud Mouth the most insignificant? State your case in the comments.”

    Not is she has anything to say about it!

  3. Dave

    Victoria S. Bull

  4. Sabresfan88

    My brother took a children’s improv class with her. I don’t know why, but I think that means she doesn’t get my vote.

  5. “Voted “One of the Top 20 Characters in 20 Years” of Buffalo Bisons Baseball by the Buffalo News. (8/07) “

  6. if a tree fell in the woods, and landed on a mime, would anyone care?