Semi-Great Moments in Marketing History

by Ryan

If there is one thing that marks the coming football season, it’s that first time the Bills’ schedule is plastered on something. That’s when you know that OTAs eventually give way to training camp. Sometime after that is preseason, and eventually they play meaningful football.

Sometimes it’s a helmet key chain or magnet or some other generic item politicians give out when they seek reelection, tossing them from parade floats on Independence Day. Or maybe it’s the real deal: a pocket schedule. That’s the genuine item in the schedule world, and what fills thousands of wallets in Western New York.

A few days ago the first incarnation of the Bills schedule came out:


No that’s not a pocket schedule, that’s a schedule keytag. Yes, now who the Bills play on December 3 (the Jets) is right next to your Bonus Card. This is groundbreaking stuff in the Bills’ scheduling world. I was pretty excited about this, and tossed it on my keys right away.

It lasted a day.


Now to be clear, this wasn’t some sort of stress test for the sake of this post. I honestly put it on my keys, put it in my pocket, and went about my day. The next time I went to the car the tag wasn’t there anymore. It was in my pocket, torn beyond all repair.

I really like the idea of a keytag schedule, but it needs to be a little more durable. Like… three days more durable at least. Mine is tacked up on a message board at the moment, but it’s certainly not it’s original intent. Hopefully I’ll be around for magnet schedule day at the Stadium, and we can pretend this whole thing never happened…