Random Saturday Links and Thoughts

by Ryan

Look for a Game Five post very shortly. In the meantime, here’s a few random links/thoughts that have no business taking up an entire post:

– The Portland Pirates have announced a few of their scheduled home dates for the 2009/10 season, including one of two games at HSBC Arena. Thursday, November 12 Portland will be in town, so mark your calenders now.

– As reported by Sabres Prospects a few days early, 2008 Sabres second round pick Luke Adam was traded by the Montreal Junior on Friday.

– We’ve gotten a few emails about new Sabres blogs, so I’ve debated putting together a links post for that purpose. If you know of one we don’t link to, or would like your own blog on the sidebar, shoot me an email at ryan@thegoosesroost.com.

– It looks like Datsyuk will play tonight, even with a broken bone in his foot. That’s good news for the Wings, but you have to wonder what line pairs he will see given his status.

– I have to admit I liked seeing Rich post yesterday. Not only did it give me a break, but it was by far the most… education post we’ve ever had on the Roost.

– Carl… Pavano?

My cell phone plan is up on Verizon, and somehow in searching for Storm 2 news I’ve become a complete phone nerd. I’m not a fan of Sprint, but the Palm Pre looks pretty sick. It won’t hit VZW until at least 2010, and why am I still talking about this. Sorry.

– I’m a bit bummed I won’t make it to a Bisons game until at least Monday. If you’ve been coming here for baseball news, direct your attention to TBNs Inside Pitch for the rest of the weekend.

– I think Keary Colbert’s Tweet sums up the T.O House Hunt situation nicely.

I can’t tell if this tie is great or completely ridiculous. It’s probably a good thing that I don’t dress up often.


  1. that tie scares me. It looks like something from my dad’s closet circa 1984, only with a Sabres theme. *shudder*

  2. I wouldn’t look too much at the Pre, it’s got alot of hype this week, but I doubt that it will last. Honestly Blackberry, iPhone, and Android are the only platforms worth looking at. You will be happier with a storm…

  3. NTOS,

    I was checking my Yahoo! Mail and a NHL.com ad ran with the Sabres tie as the main feature. They are on to me…


    I’ve heard really good things, but there’s no way I’m switching to Sprint/waiting 7 months for it to come to Verizon. It’s either the Storm of the Storm 2, depending on when they release that and when WordPress releases a Blackberry app…