Pennyless and Tired With Your Hair Grown Long

by Ryan

The chance little kids dream of. That shot by Lidstrom was exactly what I was talking about in my Game Seven post yesterday. I’ve done that same shot at least a hundred times in my earlier years, falling backwards and to the left as the clock ticks closer to zero.

Any hockey player will tell you that in those moments, when that puck is improbably sliding your way, everything slows down. Your eyes grow wide as the hone in on the puck, and everything somehow takes a bit longer. If you ever wonder why players miss empty nets, it’s those impossible, extra few seconds of pressure that push the shot just a few inches too high or wide.

Still, it’s every player’s dream to have that chance with the clock winding down. Hundreds of times, they’ve practiced that play whether they realize it or not. I know I did, and I’ll never experience that moment for myself. Still, even I knew back then that there are no do overs. Sometimes you get that chance and miss.


And sometimes it gets stopped.