Other People Named Jon, Jaro, and Martinez

by Ryan

– I don’t hate the idea of Spacek on the blueline in the fall, but it does speak to a philosophy the Sabres have promised to avoid. Spacek’s spot on the team is one that can bring a warm body to the club without making a major move. Filling that spot with Jaro is one step closer to bringing back the exact same team, and it’s obvious that this roster doesn’t work with this front office and coaches.

Of course, the offseason is just starting. Last year we saw the Bernier trade as the setup move, and re-signing Jaro might be something similar. The trading of Tallinder or Lydman would be that next move, but adding one new face to the defense clearly didn’t work last season. Then again, I’m just impatient for signs of any sort of change, so who knows…

– Fernando Martinez lasted three days on the Bisons roster. He was recalled yesterday by the Amazins after Beltran went on the 15 day DL. Elmer Dessens and Pat Misch are also getting the call, which leaves the Bisons bullpen in rough shape. Also, check out this update on Oliver Perez:

Fellow starter Oliver Perez, on the DL with right knee tendinitis, started the second game of the doubleheader for St. Lucie. He gave up six runs — two earned — and seven hits in three innings, throwing 40 of 56 pitches for strikes.

Not good to see him get lit up (again), but 40/56 is a pretty spectacular strike ratio given how out of control he was while rehabbing with The Herd. Still not worth the money, but we know he can hit the strike zone in A ball…

– I’m not the most insightful person in the world when it comes to today’s culture, but I honestly can tell you I have no idea what makes this news. Everything about them is artificial, from conception to reality show to perceived importance of their marital status. This show has existed for much longer than three weeks, so why does this matter so much now?

What this tells me is that I clearly don’t understand the hype machine that is today’s celebrity landscape. Despite how much I hate it, I understand hype in sports. I know the cycles and what agendas ESPN and other major networks have in store, and I know the advantage of these cycles. Despite not caring about Brett Favre, I understand why he gets treated the way he does, and at least can piece together why people care.

I can’t find one thing about them that relates to real life in any tangible way. I was under the impression that celebrities were supposed to have better lives than us, therefore our infatuation is based on concealed jealousy and idolatry. Since when do women want to look like a mother of eight? (This paragraph is exactly why I will never speak of anything but sports again. I am sorry.)

– I saw Year One last night and can honestly say it was the worst movie I’ve seen in some time. It had exactly one funny moment, and thankfully was followed up by The Hangover which covered for the initial offering’s suckitude. I honestly think it was worse than “The Strangers”, which was so bad we have a tag that says so.

– Here’s a random photo I didn’t get to use last week:


I miss hockey. When’s the draft?