On the Brink

by Ryan

88035444MH083_STANLEY_CUP_FToday just might be the busiest June 9 the sporting world has ever seen. Still the most important event is Game Six of the Stanley Cup Finals, which takes place tonight at Mellon Arena.

Despite the slim 3-2 series lead and the fact that the road team has yet to win, it’s hard not to think that it is only a matter of time for Detroit. Even if they can’t finish things tonight, Friday is another game at Joe Lewis Arena, where Marc-Andre Fleury has looked downright lost this spring.

Becuase Detroit is on the brink, the Hossa talk has started again. Despite the minimal impact he has had on the series, what he did way back in July once again matters. Yesterday on Sabres Edge Bucky Gleason asked if we can blame Hossa for what he did, and once again I can’t find a reason to.

In fact, when you take a look at how many players actually win a Stanley Cup in this era, I find it hard to blame anyone for taking a paycut to win a Stanley Cup. (Sidenote: Please give that Mirtle article a thorough read. Work like that justifies the Internet itself. James Mirtle puts Lolcatz and porn to shame.)

How Hossa gets flack for going to Detroit is still beyond me, but I keep looking at this picture and thinking about the last year. I’ve always wondered what was going through his mind in the picture. Something tells me it has a lot to do with tonight.

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  1. I know zilch about Twitter but I’m intrigued by the discussion you and Mendola seem to be having about how dreamy Hank is. (Extremely dreamy, btw.)