More On Flynn

by Ryan

Last night was an exciting time to say the least. Rich touched on Jonny Flynn a bit last night, but here are a few more links about the 6th overall pick in yesterday’s NBA Draft.

86343355BC203_Media_Portrait– Flynn’s hometown paper had great coverage of the Draft, with sports editor Tim Schmitt making the trip to New York City to cover the proceedings. The entire front page of the paper was dedicated to Flynn, and this article was pretty strong. Schmitt and the Gazette have been following Flynn since middle school, so it’s a great place to gain some perspective on what happened last night.

– The News’ Rodney McKissic was also in NYC and he filed a story as well. I meant to link to his pre-draft content earlier, but he’s been a good source for basketball news all summer. I wonder how much coverage both papers will give Flynn now that he’s in Minnesota. At least the first game, right?

– Anyone want T-Wolves season tickets? Check out the homepage for Minnesota’s team website.

– I haven’t any info on Flynn jerseys, but that’s probably because of all the trade talks with Rubio and the Knicks. When a link comes up, it’ll be on the Twitter for sure…

– Of course, Shoals has a nice post on what the Wolves are looking to do with Rubio/Flynn. I’m still pretty puzzled by it all to be honest. Rich might have some draft talk soon, he’s been researching this stuff much more than I have.

– ESPN’s draft grades gives the T-Wolves a C+ with this line:

Rubio and Flynn might have been the two best point guards in the draft. But to fall in love with them both and actually take them both amounts to point guard polygamy.

I really don’t know what to think about the Timberwolves’ draft. I keep waiting to hear about a trade that tells us where Rubio or Flynn is really going, but it hasn’t come, and GM David Kahn says he wants to keep them both.

It’s almost Kevin McHale-esque.

Yikes. Not a compliment.