J.P. Does Vegas

by Ryan

Just over a year ago J.P. Losman was thrown under the bus for Trent Edwards. It looks like he’s dusted himself off just outside of Vegas.

Word on the street is that the UFL’s Vegas franchise (they don’t have a nickname/mascot yet; I’d like to suggest the Galifianakises) is close to agreeing on a contract with former Buffalo Bills quarterback J.P. Losman(notes).
I always wonder if that makes a guy like Losman happy or sad. Sad, I’d imagine, because he’s no longer in the NFL, but happy because the UFL plays up the fact that he’s a former first round pick, and no one in the NFL was ever going to think of him that way again.

I want to feel bad for Losman, but I think his general demeanor at the end of his tenure here made for posts like this and an inability to feel any sympathy for him. I can’t wait to see what logo they choose. I guess that’s the question: if you were starting a football franchise in Las Vegas with J.P Losman as your foundation, what do you name the team?

You know, other than a “disaster?”


  1. I’d like to think that things merely didn’t work here for Losman and the Bills.

    At least he’s not cooling his heels in jail like former Raiders Ryan Leaf and Todd Marinovich. Now those 2 were disasters.

  2. Okay, Leaf was San Diego; both California.

  3. Amy

    I re-read the Losman post you linked and it’s still amazing how you used so many words to basically convey that JP needs to “eat sh*t and die.”

    But how far the mighty have fallen. JP was a former first round pick and now he’s going to play in a league that most people have never heard of for a team that may or may not yet exist. Here’s hoping that JP doesn’t blow his salary or career earnings on all the trappings of Vegas.