Half Off?

by Ryan

I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes. Now perhaps this is because I blog in a dimly lit cellar wearing nothing but Underoos while mom makes Hot Pockets, but that’s besides the point. The point is that inexpensive clothes are something I consistently look for, even when it comes to the Sabres.

Still, I don’t think I’ll be springing for this anytime soon.


Now I know Briere was a favorite for a lot of people, but exactly how popular did shop.nhl.com think he was? Did they make like four million Shirseys or something? How do these still exist after two full seasons with Briere no longer on the roster?

Well, one problem is that it’s still ten bucks. How is this not more than half off? I can literally find hundreds of things I’d rather buy with ten bucks. Who would actually want this? Is there some sort of defunct shirsey collecting underground I’m not aware of?

I truly believe these awful things should be put to better use. Can’t we ship them off to the less fortunate like they do with 19-0 Patriots gear? I’m sure a few Briere shirseys wouldn’t be the strangest thing on the continent of Africa or wherever they end up.

Come to think of it, places like that are nothing short of an alternate universe. The abject poverty, the Patriots are undefeated, the Magic won the NBA Finals this year. Man, who would want to live there? Wait… that means the Bills have won four Super Bowls in Africa, right?

Someone get me a plane ticket, we’ll stay for the World Cup.


  1. I happen to own a Buffalo Bills Super Bowl Champions hat…

  2. Briere may be traded…maybe NHL.com is hedging their bets in case he comes back here (yeah right).