Going Fast

by Ryan


Yesterday I went downtown for a 10:35am Bisons game. Of course, I had to stop by the Aud to see what was left of the building. The full set is here, but I didn’t take too many photos this time. I’m going to try doing something more with the photos once the building is gone for good, but it really is interesting to watch the process take shape.

The last photo in the set is taken by the construction gate, which now is where the building’s west wall used to be. As red dump trucks left the site, you could see a construction crew taking care of the latest wreckage, which fell on Saturday.

It really was surreal, watching as these weird metal jaws chewed up the wreckage. Like watching a metal dinosaur or something. I’m not really sure what I’m trying to say, but the whole time this little running sideshow has been going on downtown, I’ve never really been that close to it all. The visual proof of deconstruction was… surprising.

If the South wall only has a few days left, expect another set of pictures very shortly.

One Comment

  1. I never got to a game in the Aud, just remember my first time in Buffalo, say around 1999, that I looked at that place next to Marine Midland and said, wow, that should be a Bass Pro Shops.

    And thanks for the new blog pimpage. What a pain that is going to be for 3 months.