Getaway Day Post

by Ryan

– I have to once again apologize for the sudden reduction in content over the past week. Server issues combined with a number of other events have wreaked havoc on getting any work done around here. Things are settling down, and we should be back on track starting Monday.

– I really, really enjoyed watching last night’s Red Sox game. Of course I was satisfied with hearing Dirty Water, but there’s something about an improbably pitcher’s duel at Fenway Park that makes for fun baseball. These are the sort of games that make the package worthwhile. Without it there was no way I know any more about this game than what’s on an ESPN highlight, and that’s no way to follow a baseball team.

– That said, I was really happy to see Derek Lowe get a big cheer from the Fenway crowd. There was something very unceremonious about the way the 2004 Sox were torn apart in the off season, and it’s nice to see Lowe get some recognition for how he was down the stretch that year.

– I still haven’t watched the NHL Awards. Or Bull Durham. I also hear there were some great podcasts that came out recently, so I’m way behind on this sort of thing. I need a day off to lock myself in a room and get these things done.

– My long overdue Searching for Bobby Orr post is almost done. I should have it up tomorrow. In a related story, I’m never promising anything ever again.

– Also, our next book in our Reading With the Roost series is Pygmy, by Chuck Palahniuk. At least 75% of the Roost owns this book, so we should have something cool for it in a little bit. I’ll let you know about our progress.

– There’s still time to vote in our Mascot poll, so please do so on the sidebar. Do it or LoudMouth will stare at you until she steals your soul. Damn mimes.

– For the record, I’ve had answers from Kate sitting in my mailbox for over two days. I feel someone in our competition is stalling…

One Comment

  1. I’m filing a grievance with the playoff pool board. They should be contacting you shortly. (Okay, okay, I’ll get around to that today.)