Game Five Wins

by Ryan


From TNYT’s Slap Shot:

Its competition consisted mostly of repeats on the night of the week when the fewest people watch TV. Nevertheless, NBC’s broadcast of Game 5 of the Stanley Cup final was the top rated-show on television last Saturday night.

The telecast from Detroit of the Red Wings’ 5-0 victory over the Penguins was watched by an average of 4.28 million people, according to Nielsen overnight figures. That figure is down slightly from NBC’s Game 1 telecast, also on a Saturday night, but the small dropoff for the 5-0 game is considered insignificant given the one-sidedness of the score by the midway point of the second period.

Nothing surprising there, but it certainly does make situations like this even more questionable. Maybe seeing the proof that NBC can win a Saturday night with something other than repeats will encourage them to pick up a few more meaningful games next postseason.

If they don’t think a Penguins/Capitals match up can’t draw similar numbers in any round of the postseason, they’re crazy.