Coming (Back) To America

By Chris

Everyone’s favorite locker room brawler is back. This time with the Philadelphia Flyers.

From Ed Moran of the Philadelphia Daily News:

Sometime this week the Flyers will officially announce what has become common knowledge, that the current answer in net, Biron, is going to be replaced by the next big answer in net.

His name is Ray Emery.

The Flyers and Emery have come to terms on a deal that reportedly will pay him $1.5 million for 1 year. The deal can’t be signed until July 1, when free agency starts. But the team is expected to announce the deal sooner.

It means the end of Biron’s time as a Flyer, and another player – a goalie – the Flyers are going to take a chance on.

Like Emery, every one of those other goalies was supposed to deliver the Flyers back to the “Promised Land,” but they were all big parts of teams that didn’t get there.

Yeah…good luck with that one, Philly.

As a one year deal, it kind of sounds like what the Bills are doing with T.O.

How much damage can this guy really do in one year? We’re about to find out…


  1. Steve

    I’m SO excited!

    The Emmmmmmmmery chant is coming back to HSBC!

  2. Be cool if that meant Marty would be back here. Doubt it will happen. It does make me wonder how long Danny Briere is for Philly.

  3. I’d take 5 TOs over 1 Emery… and at least TO is HOF talent.

  4. I agree with 289, and miss his comments.