Blogroll Updates

by Ryan

On Saturday I asked if our blogroll was missing anyone. Here’s a short list of the sites we’ve added over the past few weeks. If there are any others you think we should have, shoot me an email at

– Our friend Vance from Bangin Panger has just started up a Sabres blog of his own. His impeccable sense of timing is enough for us to like him, so I’d take a look.

– Even I’m surprised that we missed this one: Face First Into the Boards. Sam’s a longtime reader (do we have those?) who should have been up there a long time ago.

– Keller shot us an email mentioning St. Louis Game Time as the go-to Blues blog. He said he won’t be updating his site, so give them a shot if you want updates on Oshie and Co.

Hockey Talk for the Intelligent Fan is a blog we added a few weeks ago as well. He hasn’t updated very often during the off season, but we hope he sticks around for sure.

Hockey Rhetoric also deserves a look as well. Certainly not a daily blog, but the content has been solid thus far.

Gobbler Country is now on SB Nation. We’ve become virtual friends with furrer4heisman via Twitter and a few liveblogs. He’s also a Red Sox fan, which is all I need to know.

Also, we’re kicking Willful Caboose off the blogroll because she’s going to talk about things other than hockey.

Okay, I’m kidding. However, she better start working on her guest post…