Bisons Get Better, Still Losing

by Ryan

While most Bisons fans follow the extremely small sample size that is Fernando Martinez’ major league career, the Mets have been making some moves to help the farm.

For starters, the Mets long list of injuries mean the Bisons may be seeing more major league talent coming to Buffalo for rehab assignments. That’s been the case with Alex Cora, who was assigned to The Herd on Friday.

coraCora hit the DL on May 18 with a torn ligament in his thumb. You may remember Cora as being serviceable with the Red Sox the past three seasons. He’s had a decent year with the Mets so far (333/.435/.451) with a relatively small sample size, but he’s given the Bisons plenty of help already. He’s registered three hits for the Bisons in just three games, batting second while spending time at shortstop and DHing.

While Cora’s stay with the team will most certainly be temporary, the Mets have made a few other moves to help the team out with longer terms in mind. On Friday the Mets traded catcher Ramon Castro to the White Sox for pitcher Lance Broadway. They also traded for Emil Brown, a career AAAA player who has spent time with five different major league clubs in his career.

emilbrownBrown clearly isn’t going to slug the team to first place, but the moves do show that the Mets are trying. They’ve had a ton of injuries already this season, and as a result have lifted quite a few Bisons to shore up their roster.

The Bisons also have had their own injury problems, including seven players (RHP Dillon Gee, INF Andy Green, INF Mark Kiger, OF Bobby Kielty, RHP Carlos Muniz, C Mike Nickeas and INF Argenis Reyes) currently on the disabled list. That means the Bisons have had a total of 45 players on their roster in just 49 games.

However, it is good to see that the Mets have not simply let the Bisons flounder. However slow they have been to demote Nick Evans struggling players, they have made a few free agent signings and a trade or two to improve their minor league roster. The emergence of catcher Omir Santos created a surplus of talent at the catcher position, and Omar Minaya made a move as a result.

It’s long way from getting better, but it’s good to see there are some steps being taken. The stigma that comes with a large-payroll baseball team is that they don’t care about their farm system. With the start the Bisons have had, you’d be hard to convince Buffalo baseball fans otherwise.

The moves we saw this weekend will help fight that, and hopefully they will result in a product worth seeing downtown before the snow comes again.