Bastardo, Swine Flu, and Digital Fenway

by Ryan

Last night Time Warner Cable completely died on me, rendering me without the Internet and cable TV. That means that 1) I read a lot of Searching for Bobby Orr, and 2) I didn’t get any posts done last night. Look for an Outliers post tomorrow, and in the meantime here are a few links for the afternoon.


– Last week I mentioned a pitcher in the Phillies’ system named Bastardo. He cruised to a win over the Bisons, pitching
seven innings for his first AAA win of the year.

Well, yesterday he picked up the win in his first major league start. So yeah, there’s that.

– The ratings are in for both NBC SCF games, and I’d bet we see the back to back format a few more times before this current TV deal ends. Even up against Game Six of the NBA ECFs the ratings were pretty good.

– This is the background on my phone at the moment:


Not exactly required information, but I thought someone would like to know that. Can anyone tell me what that is?

– Doesn’t it feel like a really, really long layoff for the NBA Finals? Perhaps we will have time for a preview post with that long of a break…

– I’ll have some extended thoughts on Game Three up later, but was anyone else a bit let down by that penalty call halfway through the third? The first two games have had everyone raving about officiating, and then they hand the Penguins a power play for that. Seems downright shady to me. Then again, I’m happy it’s going five, too.

– Also, the Bisons now have one more thing to worry about. When it rains, it pours.

– So sad to see Rodney Harrison go. Thank God he can still piss us off on NBC. Maybe he will do us all a favor and clothesline The Bus once or twice. It’d be worth the suspension…

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