And the Winner Is…

by Ryan


Here’s the point totals for the final round:

3 Points
Heather B

2 Points

0 Points
dave in Rocha

Lots of people picked the Red Wings, YHN included. So what does this do to the overall contest? Let’s see the final totals:

Kate- 24
Heather B. 24
Erika- 23
MarkB.- 22
Jonathan- 21
Sabresfan88- 20
Zach- 20
dave in Rocha- 19
MarthMarth- 19
Brian S.- 18
Jack- 19
Ebscer- 17
Steve- 16
Dave- 15
Lisa- 15
Becky- 15
Chris- 14
Chris Smith- 13
Spavery- 12
Frosty- 12
Norm- 11
Jon- 11
Jennifer- 6

So we have a… tie? I honestly wasn’t prepared for this situation, so I’m not sure how to solve this little problem. Anyone have any suggestions? I mean, you guys know how to find me, so let’s get this worked out.

Also, I am a horrible prognosticator. May we never speak of this again.


  1. I think there’s a few ways you can go with this:

    1. Give the guest post to Kate because she led most of the way.

    2. Give the guest post to me because I got the Finals winner right.

    3. Insist that we co-write a guest post.

    Either way, I’m a genius, thank you very much! Boo-ya!

  2. I also think there are a few ways we can go about it, but here’s what I say we do:

    1. Heather concedes.

    2. I win.


  3. You know I couldn’t think of two better people to have tie

  4. Kate, what good is it dominating the early rounds if you’re just gonna choke in the end? 😛

    Zach, you’re very kind.

  5. Peter Farrell

    Well, the NHL settles ties in the regular season by going to a shootout. I suggest our two contestants do the same. Find an empty lot, get some sticks and pucks and a net and settle it like they do on the ice.

    (I’d love to see this, just sayin’ 🙂 )

  6. Peter Farrell

    Hmmm, or how about a bubble hockey showdown somewhere? Best of seven, winner skates off with the title.

    Yep, it’s early in the morning and I’m not all there yet…..

  7. I think we should have a viola-off. A head-to-head viola competition. Winner takes all.

  8. Peter Farrell

    Hmmm….that could leave the outcome in the hands of judges, who could be bought by opposition and rig the outcome in the process.

    Is there a viola version of “Guitar Hero” out there? Maybe that could be more appropriate.