Where Posts Might Happen

by Ryan

I know the Western Conference Finals start today in Detroit, but is anyone excited about the pair of Game Sevens in the NBA today? I know Chris isn’t a basketball fan, but we just want to know if anyone out there is watching. If so, Rich just might have something for you over the next few weeks.

So yeah, lemme know.


  1. jack

    I’m watching the Celtics-Magic game right now and it’s really good. Against any other team, I’d say the Magic have it cuz theyve had the lead all game but its the Celtics so who really knows.

    Howard is killing it, but Redick on Allen is a crazy mismatch and JJ just cant keep up. Man I love basketball – but not as much as hockey. Or football.

  2. Peter Farrell

    Yeah, me too….sorry I haven’ t posted on it like I did last year…a lot busier these days.

    LeBron v Kobe? Nah…LeBron v. Carmelo….sez me.