Try For Two

by Ryan


Rain may have washed out Free Food Day at the ballpark, but that means a doubleheader today. I’ll be at the ballpark for both, still looking for my first win in the Bisons press box. In fact, I have a pretty terrible record in the box when it comes to Buffalo sports. I’ve only seen one win, and it came all the way back on March 21 with the Bandits defeating the Portland LumberJax.

Since then I’ve seen the Bandits let the East Division slip away and the Bisons start 2-16. With the NLL playoffs starting tomorrow night in Buffalo, I need to see a win or Andrew may kick me out of the box on Saturday night.

I mean, it’s a doubleheader. They can’t lose both, right? Right?


  1. Have you been paying attention? 😛 I think the Bisons are MORE than capable of losing both. Maybe even shut out in both.

  2. So um yeah, can you really not be in the box on Saturday for the Bandits. Just saying if you have a losing streak in you, I’d rather not have you in the building let alone the press box.

  3. So, they didn’t lose both. You can thank the rain for that. But the seventh inning of that first game was brutal. Just brutal.