Thoughts and a Picture

by Ryan

I’m putting some effort into a Manny post, but it won’t be until later on this evening at the earliest. Here are a few links to poke around on a busy sports day.

Simmons did a nice job summing up what a lot of people are thinking right now. Myself included. I sent Rich an expletive in text message form earlier today. He sent back a “?”, then twenty seconds later an “oh.” He must have turned on ESPN.

– Really interesting article by David Steele, who was laid off while in the press box covering an Orioles game.

– If you’re watching hockey tonight, Salo will be out for the Canucks and Demitra will miss at least another week.

– Also, the Bisons won today 6-4. The game started at 10:35 am, so perhaps that’s the kind of thing they need to get them going. Either way, Tedd and I will be covering the Bisons weekend set against Norfolk, so stay tuned for that.

– Here’s a photo that I’ve wanted to post but didn’t find an excuse for:

Blackhawks Canucks Hockey

– Seriously, we’re just a few days away from revival here at the Roost. Our schedules are opening up and the playoffs are heating up. We’re excited.

– Also, we’re celebrating a birthday sometime next week, so that should be fun.

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